Chapter 2: Early American Literature 1700-1800


Paul P. Reuben
October 12, 2016


(also known as the Age of Reason, Enlightenment, & Naturalism)

Selected Bibliography
John Adams and Abigail Adams
Elizabeth Ashbridge
H. H. Brackenridge
Charles Brockden Brown
William Hill Brown
William Byrd
The Connecticut Wits

St. Jean De Crevecoeur
Jonathan Edwards
Olaudah Equiano
Hannah Webster Foster
Benjamin Franklin
Philip Freneau
Jupiter Hammon
Thomas Jefferson
Sarah Kemble Knight

Judith Sargent Murray
Samuel Occum
Thomas Paine
Francisco Palou
Susanna Rowson
Royall Tyler
Mercy Otis Warren
Phillis Wheatley
John Woolman

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