Chapter 2: Early American Literature 1700-1800

Mercy Otis Warren

Paul P. Reuben
  October 15, 2016

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Primary Works

The Adulateur, 1773; The Defeat, 1773; The Group, 1775; Poems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous, 1790; History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution, 1805.

Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-1794 and Warren, Mercy Otis, 1728-1814. An additional number of letters from the Federal farmer to the Republican leading to a fair examination of the system of government, proposed by the late Convention; to several essential and necessary alterations in it; and calculated to illustrated and support the principles and positions laid down in the preceding letters. Together with Observations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal and State Conventions by a Columbian patriot. Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1962. JK146 .L4

Mercy Otis Warren: Selected Letters. Richards, Jeffrey H. ed. Athens: U of Georgia P, 2009.

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