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Appendix A: Useful Resources
for Research
Appendix B:
Minorities and Women Studies:

African-American Studies
Native-American Studies
Asian-American Studies
Gay, Lesbian, & LGBT Studies
Hispanic & Mexican-American Studies
Jewish-American Studies
Women Studies

Appendix C: American Fiction
Appendix D:
Writing Assignments
Appendix E:
The Theme of Alienation and Initiation and the Immigrant Experience

Appendix F: Elements of Poetry
Appendix G:
Elements of Fiction
Appendix H:
Elements of Drama
Appendix I:
The MLA Style Appendix J: Research Topics
Appendix K:
American Literary History & Theory
Appendix L:
The Frontier in American Literature
Appendix M:
Film Criticism and American Literature
Appendix N:
American Gothic in Literature
Appendix O:
Selected Studies in American Poetry

Appendix P: American Literature and California
Appendix Q:
American Folklore
Appendix R:
American Humor, Satire, and Wit
Appendix S:
The American Dream
Appendix T:
Manifest Destiny
Appendix U:
Nature, Ecocriticism, & Ecofeminism
Appendix V:
The American City in Literature and Culture
Appendix W:
The Changing American Landscape
Appendix X:
Contemporary Adoptions of Early American Texts, Authors, & Topics
Appendix Y: Sympathy in American Literature

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