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1. The Phenomenon of "Passing" in the novels of Nella Larsen, Jessie Fauset, and Wallace Thurman.

2. White Patronage during the HR - "Negrotarians," Carl Van Vechten, Fania Marinoff, Charlotte Mason, Nancy Cunard, Waldo Frank, and others.

3. Experiments in Religions and Cults during the HR - Father Divine, and others.

4. The sociology and demography of the HR - ethnic distribution, housing, "rent parties," and others.

5. Black Economy during the HR - banks, real-estate, businesses, and others.

6. Black Military service and Its Impact on the HR.

7. White Response to the HR.

8. Jazz during the HR - Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and others.

9. The Use of Blues in the HR Literature - Langston Hughes, and others.

10. Marcus Garvey, the UNIA, and the Back to Africa Movement.

11. HR and the Arts - Aaron Douglas, Hayden Palmer, William Johnson, Jacob Lawrence, Henry O. Tanner, art exhibitions, and others.

12. Magazines of the HR - Crisis, Opportunity, Fire!, and others.

13. The NAACP and the Urban League during the HR.

14. The Walkers, "the dark tower, and the HR.

15. W. E. B. Du Bois and the HR - also his views on Booker T. Washington.

16. Alain Locke and the HR - The New Negro, Survey Graphic project, and others.

17. Black education during the HR - higher, financial support, individual institutions, and others.

18. Aristocracy, Elitism, the Talented Tenth, and the HR.

19. Performing Arts during the HR - Shuffle Along, Ethiopian Art Players, musicals, and others.

20. The Night Clubs and Cabarets during the HR - Cotton Club, Tillie's Inn, and others.

21. Langston Hughes, "the Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain," and The Weary Blues.

22. Same sex sexuality in the HR.

23. The Use of Literature as Propoganda during the HR.

24. Russia, the Communist Party, and the HR - also socialism, marxism, and others.

25. HR and the Issue of Modernism in Literature.

26. HR and the American Dream.

27. Primitivism and the HR - exotic, stereotype, Black and White psyche, sexual attitudes, and others.

Note: Apart from the above-mentioned topics, there are the more traditional approaches to the HR authors and their works. These include discussions of influences, themes, characterization, symbolism and irony, deconstruction, feminist and marxist criticism, psychological and mythic approaches, and others.

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