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Primary Works

A Punch for Judy, 1921; You and I, 1923; The Youngest, 1924; Paris Bound, 1927; John, 1927; Holiday, 1928; Cock Robin (with Elmer Rice), 1928; Hotel universe, a play, 1930; Tomorrow and Tomorrow, 1931; The Animal Kingdom, 1932; The Joyous Season, 1934; Bright Star, 1935; Spring Dance, 1936; Here Come the Clowns, 1938; The Philadelphia Story, 1939; Liberty Jones, 1941; Without Love, 1942; Foolish Notion, 1945; Second Threshold, 1951.

The youngest; a comedy in three acts. NY: S. French, 1925. PS3503.A648 Y63

Hotel universe, a play. NY: S. French, 1930. PS3503.A648 H65

Second threshold. with revisions and a pref. by Robert E. Sherwood. NY: Harper, 1951. PS3503.A648 S4

States of grace: eight plays. intro. by Brendan Gill. NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975. PS3503 A648 A6

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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