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Anzia Yezierska (1885-1970) was born in a mud hut in the village of Pinsk to Jewish parents living in poverty near the border between Russia and Poland. At fifteen she emigrated with her family to New York City, where she worked in a sweatshop while she studied English at night school. After three years she was granted a scholarship at Columbia University to train as a domestic-science teacher. In 1910 she was briefly married to an attorney, and then she married a teacher. Yezierska gave birth to a daughter, but she found life as a wife and mother so oppressive that she gave up her child to her husband's care. For the rest of her life she devoted herself to her career as a writer. - Bedford 

Primary Works

Hungry Hearts, 1920 (stories); Salome of the Tenements, 1922; Children of Loneliness, 1923 (stories); Bread Givers, 1925; Arrogant Beggar, 1927; All I Could Never Be, 1932; Red Ribbon on a White Horse, 1950 (autobiographical).

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