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Source: Today in Lit.: Saroyan

Primary Works

The daring young man on the flying trapeze and other stories, 1934; Three times three, 1936; Inhale & exhale, 1936; Little children, 1937; A native American, 1938; The trouble with tigers, 1938; Love, here is my hat, 1938; Peace, it's wonderful, 1939; My name is Aram, 1940; Saroyan's fables, 1941; My heart's in the Highlands, 1941; The time of your life, and two other plays, 1942; Three plays by William Saroyan: The beautiful people, Sweeney in the trees, and Across the board on To-morrow Morning, 1943; The human comedy, illus. by Don Freeman, 1943; Dear baby, 1944; Razzle dazzle; the human opera, ballet, and circus, 1945; The adventures of Wesley Jackson, 1946; Jim Dandy, fat man in a famine; a play, 1947; The Saroyan special; selected short stories; illus. by Don Freeman, 1948; Rock Wagram, a novel, 1951; The bicycle rider in Beverly Hills, 1952; The laughing matter, a novel, 1953; The whole voyald, and other stories, 1956; Mama I love you, 1956; Papa, you're crazy, 1957; The cave dwellers; a play, 1958; The slaughter of the innocents, a play in two acts, 1958; Here comes, there goes, you know who, 1961; Boys and girls together, 1963; Not dying, 1963; After thirty years: the daring young man on the flying trapeze, 1964; One day in the afternoon of the world, 1964; Short drive, sweet chariot, 1966; Look at us; let's see; here we are; look hard, speak soft; I see, you see, we all see; stop, look, listen; beholder's eye; don't look now, but isn't that you? (us? U.S.?) Photos by Arthur Rothstein, 1967; Letters from 74 rue Taitbout; or, Don't go, but if you must, say hello to everybody, 1969; The dogs, or The Paris comedy, and two other plays: Chris sick, or Happy New Year anyway, Making money, and nineteen other very short plays, 1969; Days of life and death and escape to the moon, 1970; Places where I've done time, 1972; Sons come and go, mothers hang in forever, 1976; Chance meetings, 1978; Obituaries, 1979; Births, 1983; My name is Saroyan, 1983; An Armenian trilogy, 1986; Warsaw visitor ; Madness in the family, 1988; Tales from the Vienna streets: the last two plays, 1991.

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