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Source: Dorothy Parker 

Primary Works

Enough Rope (poems), 1926; Sunset gun; poems, 1928; Close Harmony, or the Lady Next Door: A Play In Three Acts (w/ Elmer Rice), 1929; Laments for the living (stories), 1930; Death and Taxes (poems), 1931; After Such Pleasures (stories), 1933; Not So Deep As A Well (poems), 1936; Here lies; the collected stories of Dorothy Parker, 1939; After such pleasures, 1940; The collected stories of Dorothy Parker, 1942; The ladies of the corridor, a play by Dorothy Parker and Arnaud dUsseau, 1954; Constant Reader (criticism), 1970; A Month of Saturdays (criticism), 1971; and others.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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