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Source: Modern American Poetry: VL

Primary Works

General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems, 1913; The Congo and Other Poems, 1914; A Handy Guide for Beggars, 1916; The Chinese Nightingale and Other Poems, 1917; The Daniel Jazz and Other Poems, 1920; The Golden Whales of California, 1920.

The golden whales of California and other rhymes in the American language. Macmillan, 1920. PS3523.I58 G5

The golden book of Springfield, by Vachel Lindsay ... being the review of a book that will appear in the autumn of the year 2018, and an extended description of Springfield, Illinois, in that year. Macmillan, 1920. PS3523.I58 G47

Collected poems. Macmillan, 1925. PS3523.I58 A17

Selected poems. Ed. Mark Harris. Macmillan 1963. PS3523.I58 A6

Adventures, rhymes & designs. With an essay by Robert F. Sayre. Eakins P, 1968. PS3523 I58 A6

The art of the moving picture. Being the 1922 revision of the book first issued in 1915. Introd. by Stanley Kauffmann. Liveright 1970. PN1994 .L5

Letters of Vachel Lindsay. edited by Marc Chenetier. NY: B. Franklin, 1979. PS3523.I58 Z48

The poetry of Vachel Lindsay: complete & with Lindsay's drawings. Edited by Dennis Camp. 2 vols. Peoria, Ill.: Spoon River Poetry Press, 1984-1985. PS3523 .I58 A17

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

Greiner, Donald J. ed. Classes on Modern Poets and the Art of Poetry. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 2004.

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