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Primary Works

Associate Editor, The Liberator, 1920-1926; Founder and Joint Editor (with John Sloan), New Masses, 1926, Editor-in- Chief, 1928; Daily Columnist, Daily Worker, 1933.

Jews without money. woodcuts by Howard Simon. NY: H. Liveright, 1930. F128.9 .J5 G61

Proletarian literature in the United States; an anthology. edited by Granville Hicks, Joseph North, Michael Gold, Paul Peters, Isidor Schneider, and Alan Calmer; with a critical introduction by Joseph Freeman. NY: International publishers, 1935. PS509.P7 P7

Mike Gold: a literary anthology. Edited, with an introd., by Michael Folsom. NY: International, 1972. PS3513.O29 A6

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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