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Source: American Lit Chronology 

Primary Works

The Descendant, 1897; The Deliverance, 1904; Virginia, 1913; Barren Ground, 1925; The Romantic Comedians, 1926; They Stooped to Folly, 1929; The Sheltered Life, 1932; Vein of Iron, 1935; A Certain Measure: An Interpretation of Prose Fiction, 1943; The Woman Within (autobiography), 1954; The Collected Stories, 1963.

Perfect Companionship: Ellen Glasgow's Selected Correspondence with Women. Matthews, Pamela R. (ed. and introd.). Charlottesville: U of Virginia P, 2005.

Perfect Companionship: Ellen Glasgow's Selected Correspondence with Women. Matthews, Pamela R. (ed. and introd.) Charlottesville: U of Virginia P 2005

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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