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Source: VOX of Dartmouth: RE

Primary Works

Undercliff: Poems, 1946-1953. NY: Oxford UP, 1953.

Collected poems, 1930-1960, including 51 new poems. NY: Oxford UP, 1960. PS3509.B456 A6

Collected verse plays. Chapel Hill: U of North Carolina P, 1962. PS3509.B456 A19

The quarry, new poems. NY: Oxford UP, 1964. PS3509.B456 Q3

Selected poems, 1930-1965. NY: New Directions, 1965. PS3509.B456 A6

Thirty one sonnets. NY: Eakins P, 1967. PS3509.B456 T5

Shifts of being; poems. NY: Oxford UP, 1968. PS3509 B456 S5

The achievement of Richard Eberhart; a comprehensive selection of his poems. with a critical introduction by Bernard F. Engel. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, 1968. PS3509 B456 A6

Fields of grace. NY: Oxford UP, 1972. PS3509 B456 F5

Poems to poets. engravings by Michael McCurdy. Lincoln, Mass.: Penmaen P, 1975, 1976. PS3509.B456 P63

To Eberhart from Ginsberg: a letter about Howl, 1956: an explanation by Allen Ginsberg of his publication Howl and Richard Eberhart's New York times article "West coast rhythms," together with comments by both poets and relief etchings by Jerome Kaplan. Lincoln, Mass.: Penmaen P, 1976. PS3513 I74 Z543

Collected poems, 1930-1976: including 43 new poems. NY: Oxford UP, 1976. PS3509 B456 A6

Of poetry and poets. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 1979. PS3509.B456 O35

The long reach: new & uncollected poems, 1948-1984. NY: New Directions, 1984. PS3509 .B456 L6

Collected poems, 1930-1986. NY: Oxford UP, 1988. PS3509 .B456 A6

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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