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Source: Univ. of Maryland)

 Djuna Barnes (1892-1982) was an American author of fiction, poetry, and plays, who got her start as a freelance journalist and illustrator in New York in 1913. Her talent and her connections with the artistic community in Greenwich Village soon led to the publication of her poetry and to the production of several of her plays by the Provincetown Players. Assignments from magazines took her to Europe in 1921 where she lived until 1939. During that time she published several book-length works, including the novel Nightwood, which is considered her masterpiece. In 1940 she moved to Greenwich Village, where she lived for the remainder of her life. Her verse play, The Antiphon, was published in 1958. She continued to write poetry until her death, though little was published. - Source: Univ. of Maryland)

Primary Works

The Book of Repulsive Women, 1915; "Smoke," 1917 (short story); A Book, 1923 (reprinted as A Night Among the Horses, 1929); Ladies Almanack, 1928; Ryder, 1928 (novel); Nightwood, 1936 (novel); The Antiphon, 1958 (verse drama); Selected Works, 1962.

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Ladies almanack: showing their signs and their tides; their moons and their changes; the seasons as it is with them; their eclipses and equinoxes; as well as a full record of diurnal and nocturnal distempers. Written & illustrated by a lady of fashion. NY: Harper & Row, 1972. PS3503 .A614 L3

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