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Source: Poems of SL

Primary Works

Tiger-Lilies, 1867 (war novel); "Corn," 1875 (poem); "The Symphony," 1875 (poem); The Centennial Meditation, 1776-1876," (cantata); Poems, 1877 (collection); "The Marshes of Glynn," 1878 (poem); The Boy's King Arthur, 1880; The Science of English Verse, 1880 (lectures on versification); Poems of Sidney Lanier, 1884; The English Novel, 1883 (lectures); Shakespeare and His Forerunners, 1902 (lectures).

The English novel and the principle of its development. NY: Scribner, 1888 (1883). PR826 .L3

Music and poetry; essays upon some aspects and interrelations of the two arts. NY: C. Scribner's sons, 1898. ML60 .L24

The boy's King Arthur; Sir Thomas Malory's history of King Arthur and his knights of the Round table, ed. for boys. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth. NY: C. Scribner's sons, 1924. Juv 398.2 MAL

Sidney Lanier: poems and letters. With an introd. and notes by Charles R. Anderson. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins P, 1969. PS2202 A5

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

Gabin, Jane S. A Living Minstrelry: The Poetry and Music of Sidney Lanier. Macon: Mercer UP, 1985.

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