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Source: Wired for Books

Primary Works

A search for the King, a 12th century legend. NY: Dutton, 1950. PS3543.I26 S39

Messiah. NY: Dutton, 1954. PS3543.I26 M4

Visit to a small planet; a comedy akin to a vaudeville. Boston: Little, Brown 1957. PS3543.I26 V52

Rocking the boat. NY: Dell Publishing, 1963, 1951. PS3543 .I26 R6

Julian, a novel. Boston: Little, Brown 1964. PS3543 .I26 J8

The judgment of Paris. Boston: Little, Brown, 1965, 1952. PS3543.I26 J8

The city and the pillar: including an essay, Sex and the law, and an afterword. NY: New American Library, 1965. PS3543 .I26 C5

Romulus; the Broadway adaptation. NY: Grove Press 1966. PS3543.I26 R65

Washington, D. C.; a novel. Boston: Little, Brown 1967. PS3543.I26 W3

Myra Breckinridge. Boston: Little, Brown 1968. PS3543.I26 M88

Reflections upon a sinking ship. Boston: Little, Brown 1969. PS3543 I26 R4

Two sisters; a memoir in the form of a novel. Boston: Little, Brown 1970. PS3543 I26 T8

Burr: a novel. NY: Random House 1973. PS3543 I26 B8

Myron; a novel. NY: Random House 1974. PS3543 I26 M9

1876: a novel. NY: Random House, 1976. PS3543 .I26 E35

Matters of fact and of fiction: essays 1973-1976. NY: Random House, 1977. PS3543.I26 M3

Kalki: a novel. NY: Random House, 1978. PS3543 I26 K3

Julian; Williwaw; The Judgement of Paris; Messiah; The City and the Pillar. NY: Heineman: Octopus, 1979. PS3543 .I26 A15

Views from a window: conversations with Gore Vidal. selected, arr., and introduced by Robert J. Stanton; edited by Robert J. Stanton and Gore Vidal. Secaucus, N.J.: L. Stuart, 1980. PS3543.I26 Z476

A thirsty evil: seven short stories. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1981. PS3543.I26 T4

Creation: a novel. NY: Random House, 1981. PS3543.I26 C7

The second American revolution and other essays (1976-1982). NY: Random House, 1982. PS3543 .I26 S28

Duluth. NY: Random House, 1983. PS3543 .I26 D8

Lincoln: a novel. NY: Random House, 1984. PS3543 .I26 L5

Empire: a novel. NY: Random House, 1987. PS3543 .I26 E4

At home: essays, 1982-1988. NY: Random House, 1988. PS3543 .I26 A89

Hollywood: a novel of America in the 1920s. NY: Random House, 1990. PS3543 .I26 H56

United States: essays: 1952-1992. NY: Random House, 1993. PS3543 .I26 U55

Palimpsest: a memoir. NY: Random House, 1995. PS3543 .I26 Z474

The Smithsonian Institution: a novel. NY: Random House, 1998. PS3543 .I26 S65

The golden age: a novel. NY: Doubleday, 2000. PS3543 .I26 G65

The last empire: essays 1992-2000. NY: Doubleday, 2001. PS3543 .I26 L37

"Burr: The Historical Novel." Novel History: Historians and Novelists Confront America's Past (and Each Other). Ed. Mark C. Carnes. Simon & Schuster, NY: NY Publication: 2001

Perpetual war for perpetual peace: how we got to be so hated. NY: Thunder's Mouth Press/Nation Books, 2002. HV6432 .V53x

Inventing a nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson. New Haven: Yale UP, 2003. E302.1 .V57

Gore Vidal: Sexually Speaking: Collected Sex Writings. Weise, Donald (ed. and preface). San Francisco: Cleis, 1999.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

Baker, Susan, and Curtis S. Gibson. Gore Vidal: a critical companion. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1997. PS3543 .I26 Z53

Frank, Marcie. How to Be an Intellectual in the Age of TV: The Lessons of Gore Vidal. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2005.

Kiernan, Robert F. Gore Vidal. NY: F. Ungar Pub. Co., 1982. PS3543.I26 Z75

Wiener, Jon. I Told You So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics: Interviews with Jon Wiener. Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint, 2013.

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