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Primary Works

The Poorhouse Fair, 1958; Rabbit Run, 1960; Pigeon Feathers, 1962 (collection); The Centaur, 1963; Of The Farm, 1965; The Angels, 1968; Couples, 1968; Rabbit Redux, 1971; Museums And Women, 1972 (collection); Picked-Up Pieces, 1975; A Month Of Sundays, 1975; Marry Me, 1977; The Coup, 1978; Problems, 1979 (collection); To Far To Go, 1979 (collection); Rabbit Is Rich, 1981; Bech Is Back, 1982; Beloved, 1982; The Witches Of Eastwick, 1984; Jester's Dozen, 1984; Soft Spring Night In Shillington, 1986; Roger's Version, 1986; Trust Me, 1987 (collection); Out On The Marsh, 1988; S, 1988; Rabbit At Rest, 1990; Brazil, 1994; The Afterlife, 1994(collection); The Beauty Of The Lilies, 1996; Golf Dreams, 1998; Deadly Sins, 1996; Toward The End Of Time, 1997; Bech at Bay: a quasi-novel, 1998; Gertrude and Claudius, 2000; Seek My Face, 2002.

Self-consciousness: memoirs. NY: Knopf, 1989. PS3571 .P4 Z475

The Early Stories: 1953-1975. Updike, John (foreword). NY: Knopf, 2003.

Selected Bibliography 2000-Present

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