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Source: The Academy of American Poets - GS

Primary Works

Myths & texts. Cover & drawings by Will Petersen. NY: Totem P, 1960. PS3537.N79 M9

The back country. NY: New Directions 1968. PS3569 .N88 B3

Riprap, & Cold Mountain poems. San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1969, 1965. PS3569.N88 R5

Earth house hold; technical notes & queries to fellow dharma revolutionaries. NY: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1969. PS3569 .N88 E2

Six sections from Mountains and rivers without end, plus one. San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1970. PS3569 N88 M62

Regarding wave. NY: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1970. PS3569.N88 R4

Turtle Island. NY: New Directions, 1974. PS3569 .N88 T8

On bread & poetry: a panel discussion with Gary Snyder, Lew Welch & Philip Whalen. edited by Donald Allen. Bolinas, Calif.: Grey Fox P, 1977. PS129 .S6

The old ways: six essays. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1977. PS3569 N88 O4

Songs for Gaia. woodblock ill. b Michael Corr. Port Townsend, Wash.: Copper Canyon P, 1979. PS3569 .N88 S65

He who hunted birds in his father's village: the dimensions of a Haida myth. with a pref. by Nathaniel Tarn. Bolinas, Calif.: Grey Fox P, 1979. E99 .H2 S6

The real work: interviews and talks, 1964-1979. edited with an introd. by Wm. Scott McLean. NY: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1980. PS3569.N88 Z473

Axe handles: poems. San Francisco: North Point P, 1983. PS3569 .N88 A9

Good wild sacred. Madley, Hereford: Five Seasons P, 1984. PS3569 .N88 G6

Left out in the rain: new poems, 1947-1985. San Francisco: North Point P, 1986. PS3569 .N88 L4

The practice of the wild: essays. San Francisco: North Point P, 1990. PS 3569 .N88 P7

No nature: new and selected poems. NY: Pantheon Books, 1992. PS3569 .N88 N6

A place in space: ethics, aesthetics, and watersheds: new and selected prose. Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint, 1995. PS3569 .N88 P57

Mountains and rivers without end. Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint, 1996. PS3569 .N88 M62

The Gary Snyder reader: prose, poetry, and translations, 1952-1998. Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint, 1999. PS3569 .N88 A6

He Who Hunted Birds in His Father's Village: The Dimensions of a Haida Myth. Bolinas, CA: Shoemaker & Hoard, 2007.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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