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Primary Works

Poetry: Theory of Flight (1935); U.S. 1 (1938); Mediterranean (1938); A Turning Wind (1939); The Soul and Body of John Brown (1940); Wake Island (1942); Beast in View (1944); The Children's Orchard (1947); The Green Wave (1948); Orpheus (1949); Elegies (1949); Body of Waking (1958); Waterlily Fire: Poems 1932-1962 (1962); The Outer Banks (1967); The Speed of Darkness (1968); 29 Poems (1970); Breaking Open (1973); The Gates (1976); The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser (1978); Out of Silence: Selected Poems (1992).

Prose: Willard Gibbs: American Genius (1942); The Life of Poetry (1949); One Life (1957) Biography of Wendell Willkie; The Orgy (1967); Poetry, and Unverifiable Facts (1968) Lectures; The Traces of Thomas Harriet (1971); The Education of a Poet (1976) Lecture.

Letters: Come Back Paul (1955); I Go Out (1961); Bubbles (1967); Mazes (1970).

Anthology: Selected Poems of Octavio Paz (1963) With others; Sun Stone (1963) By Octavio Paz; Selected Poems of Gunnar Ekelöf (1967); Three Poems of Gunnar Ekelöf (1967); Uncle Eddie's Moustache (1974) Poems for children by Bertolt Brecht.

Drama: The Middle of the Air (1945); All the Way Home (1958) Documentary Filmscript; The Colors of the Day (1961); Houdini (1973)

Theory of flight. with a foreword by Stephen Vincent Benet. New Haven: Yale UP, 1935. PS3535.U4 T5

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The green wave. (with Octavio Paz) Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1948. PS3535.U4 G7

The life of poetry. NY: Current Books, 1949. PN1031 .R75

One life. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1957. [Willkie, Wendell L. (Wendell Lewis), 1892-1944] E748 .W7 R8

Body of waking. NY: Harper, 1958. PS3535 .U4 B6

Waterlily fire, poems, 1935-1962. NY: Macmillan, 1962. PS3535.U4 W33

The outer banks. (Sea poetry). Santa Barbara, Calif: Unicorn, 1967. PS3535 .U4 O8

The speed of darkness; [poems]. NY: Random House, 1968. PS3535 U4 S62

The traces of Thomas Hariot. NY: Random House, 1971 DA86.22 .H27 R8

Early poems, 1935-1955. (Octavio Paz) Translated from the Spanish by Muriel Rukeyser [and others]. NY: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1973. PQ7297 P285 A6

The gates: poems. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1976. PS3535 U4 G3

The collected poems. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1978. PS3535 .U4 A17

Out of silence: selected poems. edited by Kate Daniels. Evanston, IL: TriQuarterly Books, Northwestern University; Oak Park, IL: Distributed by ILPA, 1992. PS3535 .U4 O75

The Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser. Kaufman, Janet E. ed.; Herzog, Anne F.; Levi, Jan Heller. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P. 2005.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

Dayton, Tim. Muriel's Rukeyser's The Book of the Dead. Columbia: U of Missouri P, 2003.

Green, Chris. The Social Life of Poetry: Appalachia, Race, and Radical Modernism. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

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