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Source: Random House

Primary Works

Interview with the Vampire, 1976; The Feast of All Saints, 1979; Cry to Heaven, 1982; The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, 1983; Beauty's Punishment, 1984; The Vampire Lestat, 1985; Beauty's Release, 1985; Exit to Eden, 1985; Belinda, 1986; The Queen of Damned, 1988; The Mummy; or, Ramses the Damned, 1989; The Witching Hour (Mayfair Witches Series), 1990; The Tale of the Body Thief, 1992; Lasher (Mayfair Witches Series), 1993; Taltos (Mayfair Witches Series), 1994; Memnoch the Devil, 1995; Servant of the Bones, 1996; Violin, 1997; Pandora, 1998; The Vampire Armand, 1998; Vittorio, the Vampire, 1999; Merrick, 2000; Blood and Gold, 2001; Blackwood Farm: The Vampire Chronicles, 2002.

Interview with the vampire: a novel. NY: Knopf, 1976. PS3568 .I265 I56x

Cry to heaven. NY: Knopf, 1982. PS3568 .I265 C7

The queen of the damned. NY: Knopf, 1988. PS3568 .I265 Q8

The mummy, or Ramses the damned: a novel. NY: Ballantine Books, 1989. PS3568 .I265 M86

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, 2006.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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