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Primary Works

Tropic of Cancer, 1934; Tropic of Capricorn, 1939; The colossus of Maroussi, 1941; Sunday after the war, 1944; The air-conditioned nightmare, v.1-2, 1945-47; The time of the assassins: a study of Rimbaud, 1962; Just wild about Harry; a melo-melo in seven scenes, 1964; The world of sex, 1965; The rosy crucifixion, 1965; Quiet days in Clichy, 1965; Letters to Anais Nin, 1965; Order and chaos chez Hans Reichel, 1966; Collector's quest; the correspondence of Henry Miller and J. Rives Childs, 1947-1965, 1968; My life and times, 1971; Reflections on the death of Mishima, 1972; Genius and lust: a journey through the major writings of Henry Miller, 1976; The world of Lawrence: a passionate appreciation, 1980; Reflections, 1981; Opus pistorum, 1983; Henry Miller's Hamlet letters, 1988.

Selected Bibliography 2000-Present

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