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 Source: The Library of Congress

Primary Works

Not this pig; poems. Middletown, Conn: Wesleyan UP, 1968. PS3562 .E9 N6

Red dust: poems. With prints by Marcia Maris from the series Vital parts. Santa Cruz, CA: Kayak Books, 1971. PS3562.E9 R43

Pili's wall. Santa Barbara: Unicorn P, 1971. PS3562 E9 P5

They feed they lion; poems. NY: Atheneum, 1972. PS3562 E9 T47

1933; poems. NY: Atheneum, 1974. PS3562 E9 N5

New season. Port Townsend, Wash.: Graywolf P, 1975. PS3562.E9 N4

On the edge & over: poems, old, lost & new. Oakland: Cloud Marauder P, 1976. PS3562.E9 A6

The names of the lost. NY: Atheneum, 1976. PS3562 E9 N3

Ashes: poems new & old. NY: Atheneum, 1979. PS3562.E9 A9

7 years from somewhere. NY: Atheneum, 1979. PS3562.E9 S4

One for the rose. NY: Atheneum, 1981. PS3562 .E9 O53

Don't ask. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 1981. PS3562.E9 Z464

Selected poems. NY: Atheneum, 1984. PS3562 .E9 A6

Off the map: selected poems by Gloria Fuertes. edited and translated by Philip Levine and Ada Long. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan UP, 1984. PQ6611 .U44 A25

Sweet will. NY: Atheneum, 1985. PS3562 .E9 S9

Tarumba: the selected poems of Jaime Sabines. edited and translated by Philip Levine and Ernesto Trejo. San Francisco: Twin Peaks P, 1979. PQ7297 .2 A24

A walk with Tom Jefferson. NY: A.A. Knopf, 1988. PS3562 .E9 W35

What work is. NY: Knopf, 1991. PS3562 .E9 W47

The simple truth. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1999, 1994. PS3562 .E9 S56

The mercy. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1999. PS3562 .E9 M47

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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