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Source: Celebrated Women Writers 

Primary Works

Yin: new poems. Rochester, NY: Writers & Books, 1984. PS3521 .I9 Y56x

Mermaids in the basement: poems for women. Port Townsend: Copper Canyon Press, 1984. PS3521 .I9 M47

Proses: on poems & poets. Port Townsend, Wash.: Copper Canyon Press, 1993. PS3521 .I9 Z474

Harping on: poems 1985-1995. Port Townsend, Wash.: Copper Canyon Press, 1996. PS3521 .I9 H37

The ungrateful garden. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon UP, 1999. PS3521 .I9 U5

Cool, calm & collected: poems, 1960-2000. Port Townsend, Wash.: Copper Canyon Press, 2001. PS3521 .I9 C66

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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MLA Style Citation of this Web Page

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