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Primary Works

The Town and the City, 1950, novel; On the Road , 1957, novel; The Dharma Bums , 1958, novel, PS3521.E735 D5; The Subterraneans , 1958, novel, PS3521 .E735 S9; Mexico City Blues (242 Choruses) , 1959, poetry, PS3521.E735 M4; Maggie Cassidy: A Love Story , 1959, novel; Dr Sax , 1959, novel; Tristessa , 1960, novel, PS 3521 .E735 T73; Lonesome Traveller , 1960, novel; Book of Dreams , 1961, dream transcripts; Big Sur , 1962, novel, PS3521 .E735 B5; Visions of Gerard , 1963, novel, PS3521 .E735 V6; Desolation Angels, 1965, novel; Satori in Paris , 1966, novel, PS3521.E735 Z474x; The Vanity of Duluoz , 1968; Pic, 1971, novel, PS3521 .E735 P5; Scattered Poems , 1971, poetry, PS3521 .E735 A6; Visions of Cody, 1972, PS3521 .E735 V5; Book of Dreams, 1981, PS3521 .E735 B66x; Lonesome Traveler, 1989, PS 3521 .E735 L6; Book of Blues , 1995.

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Selected Bibliography 2000-Present

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