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Primary Works

The yellow house on the corner: poems. Carnegie-Mellon UP, 1980. PS3554 .O884 Y45

Fifth Sunday: stories. Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 1985 (1990 printing) PS3554 .O884 F54

Thomas and Beulah: poems. Carnegie-Mellon UP, 1986. PS3554 .O884 T47

Grace notes: poems. NY: Norton, 1989. PS 3554 .O884 G7

Through the ivory gate: a novel. NY: Vintage Books, 1993. PS3554 .O884 T48

Selected poems. NY: Vintage Books, 1993. PS3554 .O884 A6

Poet laureate Rita Dove. [videorecording] produced by Betsy McCarthy; directed by Joseph Camp; a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc.; a presentation of WNET/Thirteen. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities, 1994. Video Cassette PS3554 .O884 Z73x

Also: Museum, 1983; The Darker Face of the Earth: A Verse in Fourteen Scenes, 1994; Mother Love: Poems, 1995; The Poet's World, 1995; On the Bus with Rosa Parks, 1999. 

Selected Bibliography 2000-Present

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