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Primary Works

Novels: The Big Sleep, 1939; Farewell, my lovely, 1940; The high window, 1942; The Lady in the Lake, 1943; The Little Sister, 1949; The Long Goodbye, 1953; Playback, 1958.

Story Collections: Five Murderers, 1944; Five Sinister Characters, 1945; Fingerman and Other Stories, 1947; The Simple Art of Murder, 1950; Killer in the Rain, 1964.

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Farewell, my lovely. (1940) NY: Vintage Books, 1976. PS3505 .H3224 F3

The high window. (1942) NY: Vintage Books, 1976. PS3505 .H3224 H5

The lady in the lake Raymond Chandler. (1943) NY: Vintage Books, 1976. PS3505 .H3224 L2

Selected letters of Raymond Chandler. edited by Frank MacShane. NY: Columbia UP, 1981. PS3505 H3224 Z48

Later novels and other writings. NY: Library of America, 1995. PS3505 .H3224 A6

Raymond Chandler speaking. edited by Dorothy Gardiner and Kathrine Sorley Walker; introduction by Paul Skenazy. Berkeley: U of California P, 1997. PS3505 .H3224 Z47

Raymond Chandler Speaking. Gardiner, Dorothy (ed.); Walker, Kathrine Sorley; Skenazy, Paul. Berkeley: U of California P, 1997.

Raymond Chandler: A Documetary Volume. Moss, Robert F. ed. Detroit: Gale, 2002.

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

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