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1. The Frontier Experience

2. John Winthrop ("the city upon the hill") and the Concept of Manifest Destiny

3. Crevecoeur, Tocqueville, and the Problem of American Identity

4. The Individual and the Community

5. The Problem of Expression of Literary Authority

6. The American Dream

7. Nature and Landscape in American literature

8. The Immigrant Experience

9. Family Relationship and Attitudes toward Children

10. Race, Segregation, Slavery, and Abolition

11. 19th C. Feminism; Gender Issues of Women's Lives, Work, and Vision

12. Politics and War

13. Alienation and Initiation

14. The Machine in the Garden

15. The Utopian Dream

16. Ecocriticism and Ecofeminism

17. The Minority Experience

18. Women Studies

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