Chapter 3: Nineteenth Century to 1865

Mordecai Manuel Noah

Paul P. Reuben
October 16, 2016

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Mordecai Noah

Primary Works

The Fortress of Sorrento, 1809 (play); Shakspeare (sic) Illustrated, 1809; Paul and Alexis, 1812; Travels in England, France, Spain, and the Barbary States in the Years 1813-14 and 15, 1819; She Would Be a Soldier, or The Plains of Chippewa, 1819 (play); The Siege of Tripoli, 1820; Essays of Howard on Domestic Economy, 1820; Marion , or the Hero of Lake George, 1821; The Grecian Captive, 1822; The Seige of Yorktown, 1824; Discourse on the Evidences of the American Indian Being the Descendents of the Lost Tribes of Israel, 1837; Gleanings from a Gathered Harvest, 1845.

Schuldiner, Michael, and Daniel J. Kleinfeld. eds. The Selected Writings of Mordecai Noah. Westport, Conn: Greenwood P, 1999.

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