Chapter 3: Nineteenth Century to 1865

Caroline Lee Hentz

Paul P. Reuben
October 16, 2016


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Primary Works

Lovell's Folly, 1833; De Lara, or, The Moorish Bride, 1843; Aunt Patty's Scrap-bag, 1846; Linda, or, The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole, 1850; Rena, or, The Snow Bird, 1851; Eoline, 1852; Ugly Effie, or, the Neglected One and the Pet Beauty, 1852; Marcus Warland, 1852; The Planter's Northern Bride, 1854; The Banished Son, 1856; Courtship and Marriage, 1856; Ernest Linwood, 1856; The Lost Daughter, 1857.

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