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Source: UC Riverside

Primary Works

…y no se lo tragó la tierra, 1971; The Searchers: Collected Poetry, 1973; The Harvest: A Collection of Short Fiction, 1989.

"And the earth did not part." Berkeley, Calif: Quinto Sol Publications, 1971. PQ7079.2 R5 Y213

--Y no se lo trago la tierra = --And the earth did not part. English translation: Herminio Rios. Berkeley, Calif.: Editorial Justa Publications, 1977. PQ7079.2 .R5 Y213

This migrant earth. Rolando Hinojosa's rendition in English of Tomás Rivera's ... y no se lo trago la tierra. Houston: Arte Publico Press, 1987. PQ7079.2 .R5 Y213

Tomás Rivera: the complete works. edited by Julian Olivares. Houston: Arte Publico Press, 1991. PQ7079.2 .R5

Selected Bibliography 1980-Present

Lattin, Vernon E., Rolando Hinojosa, and Gary D. Keller. eds. Tomás Rivera, 1935-1984: the man and his work. Tempe, Ariz.: Bilingual Review/Press, 1988. PQ 7079.2 .R5 Z88

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