Chapter 1: Early American Literature to 1700
and Puritanism

Thomas Morton

Paul P. Reuben
  October 13, 2016

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Primary Work

 New English Canaan, 1637
"The Songe"

Drinke and be merry, merry, merry boyes,
Let all your delight be in Hymens joyes,
I to Hymen now the day is come,
About the merry Maypole take a Roome.

Make greene garlands, bring bottles out;
And fill sweet Nectar, freely about,
Uncover thy head, and feare no harm,
For hers good liquor to keepe it warme.

Then drinke and be merry, &c.
I to Hymen, &c.

Nectar is a thing assign'd,
By the Deities owne minde,
To cure the hart opprest with grief,
And of good liquors is the chief,

Then drinke, &c.
I to Hymen, &c.

Give to the Mellancolly man,
A cup or two of't now and than;
This physick' will soone revive his bloud,
And make him be of a merrier mood.

Then drinke, &c.
I to Hymen, &c.

Give to the Nymphe thats free from scorne,
No Irish; stuff nor Scotch over worn,
Lasses in beaver coats come away,
Ye shall be welcome to us night and day.

Then drinke, &c.
I to Hymen, &c.

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